Detergents & Cosmetics


MusimMas/ Icof business is involved with every part of the Palm Oil supply chain. The marketing arm of our Group is Inter-Continental Oils and Fats (ICOF). We sell our products globally and strive to be the preferred supply chain partner for vegetable oils and Derivatives .

Thai Ethoxilate Co. Ltd.  


Thai Ethoxylate Co. Ltd. (TEX) for short, is Thailand’s first producer of fatty alcohol ethoxylate, a substance made from ethylene oxide (EO) and fatty alcohol, which is a key ingredient in manufacturing various personal hygiene products.

Wilmar International Ltd.


Wilmar International Limited, founded in 1991, is Asia’s leading agribusiness group. We are amongst the largest listed companies by market capitalisation on the Singapore Exchange. Our business activities include oil palm cultivation, oilseeds crushing, edible oils refining, sugar, specialty fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel manufacturing and grains processing.

Thai Fatty Alcohol Co. Ltd.


Thai Fatty Alcohol Co. Ltd. (TFA) The Company manufactures and sells Oleochemical and Fatty Alcohol products, including Fatty Alcohol derivatives, all of which are used as a reactant for producing home and personal care.

TOC Glycol Co. Ltd.


TOC Glycol Co. Ltd. (TOCGC) is a producer of ethylene oxide (EO) and ethylene glycol (EG). The company’s primary product, MEG, is an ethylene derivative and a key ingredient in the production of polyester fiber for the textile industry and clear PET bottles. TOCGC is the country’s first producer of ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol.

Thai Ethanolamines Co. Ltd.


Thai Ethanolamines Co. Ltd. (TEA) for short, is a producer of ethanolamine, an essential ingredient in many personal hygiene products. Made from ethylene oxide (EO) and ammonia, (EOA) also has applications in industries ranging from paint, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics to cement, detergent, and fabric softener. TEA is Thailand’s first producer of ethanolamines.

Thai Oleochemicals Co. Ltd.


Thai Oleochemicals Co. Ltd. (TOL) is a producer of: Methyl ester, Fatty alcohol and Glycerin. Made from palm and palm kernel oil, these organic products are safe to humans and the environment.

Hansen & Rosenthal

H&R Group in Germany and its sister companies are forming a worldwide sales network with refineries and specialty product plants at the service of customers to cover their needs in products like white oils, wax emulsions, paraffin, plasticizing oils and many more.

Lenzing Ag

Lenzing provides the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality cellulose fibers. We are the leading supplier in many business-to-business markets – from special cellulose fibers to high-tech plastics polymers.

UltraTech International Inc.



UltraTech was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world’s finest offering of spill containment and spill response products.
Since then, its vision has expanded into additional product categories and the company now features a product line that consists of over 300 unique products.

Ineos Phenol

Ineos Phenol produces two main products: Phenol and Acetone. These basic chemicals are feedstocks for our customers who manufacture derivative products.

Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons

Since 1897, Jos. H. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc. has been providing the world of fashion with brilliant, trend-setting colors for the fur, hair and leather industries all over the world.

Treibacher Industrie AG

Treibacher Industrie AG specializes in rare earths and chemicals,  advanced ceramic materials, powders for the hard metal industry and special alloys such as ferro alloys of Vanadium, Nickel and Molybdenum.

Grillo-Werke AG

The core competence at Grillo-Werke AG has always been focussed on every aspect of zinc. Zinc metallurgy and sulphur chemistry have always belonged together since the two elements zinc and sulphur are the main constituents of the mother ores.

Elementis Specialties

Eementis Specialties is a leading producer of organoclays and other rheological additives and also manufactures colorants, other specialty additives and polymers.

Rütgers Group

Rütgers group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of chemical raw materials made from coal tar and has seven international production sites. We produce essential raw materials for the aluminium and steel industries from a by-product of hard coal (e.g. bituminous coal, anthracite) coking.

Alwernia SA

Alwernia manufactures washing powder production, food and pharmaceutical industry, tannery, galvanizing industry, paint and enamel coating.  At the present, Alwernia specializes in these production profiles: phosphorus compounds, fodder additives, agricultural fertilizers and chromium compounds.

Dr. Felgenträger & Co.

Dr. Felgenträger & Co. is a mid-sized company with a special know-how in specific areas of the chemical/pharmaceutical industry.

Oliqem GmbH


With its long-standing experience and expertise in the oleochemicals trade, Oliqem has successfully established itself as a reliable partner in the market. The Oliqem team continues to work everyday to build on this solid basis and adapt services to the customers’ needs.

Ciech SA


For years Ciech has occupied a significant position in Poland’s and Europe’s economic landscape and its potential as a leading exporter of chemicals has always been recognized. It created a strong production capital group at the end of the last century.

Mitsuya Boeki

Mitsuya Boeki exports chemical products made by well known Japanese, as well as Far Eastern manufacturers.